Day Twenty: “Of Wounds and Blessings” – The King & The Thief

Apparently Minneapolis, Minnesota has one heck of a music scene.

Not only is it home to Prince, the city has also given birth to bands such as Motion City Soundtrack, Weaver at the Loom (who I mentioned in the last post), and, today’s group, The King & the Thief. Though I discovered them a few years too late, their EP,  Of Wounds and Blessings, was another release that made me want to pick up a pen again upon first listen.

There’s so much to love about this EP. Musically, it’s tight. I’m hard pressed to find a weak moment or note anywhere in these five songs: the drums are big, the guitars are atmospheric, and the vocals match beautifully. It’s exactly the sound I want to go for. Lyrically, there’s a story being told involving complex characters. Similar to Weaver at the Loom’s I Was Searching and I Found, this EP is conceptual but still contains some autobiographical pieces to it. The major difference I see, however, is that where Weaver at the Loom leaves you feeling resolved at the end, The King & the Thief ends with more suspense. These guys have mastered the art of tension and you feel it in the first thirty seconds of the EP, if not throughout the entire release.

Aside from creating fullness of sound, this band taught me about melody and how the voice functions as an instrument. When you know how to use it, it adds another dimension to the music that wasn’t there before.

I only wish I heard these guys while they were still together.


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