Day Nineteen: “I Was Searching and I Found” – Weaver at the Loom

When I first started writing music I felt the need to write full-length albums. For some reason I believed that I was only valid as an artist if I had twelve songs to my name. Often the first six songs would come naturally but then somewhere around the seventh or the eighth I’d hit a wall. Suddenly I’d hate everything I’d written except a handful of songs. By the end, it was that same handful I felt passionately about whereas the others felt interchangeable. EPs, given their short nature, leave no room for filler. Like a short film or story, you have less time to take the listener on a complete journey. I don’t know if there’s an EP that demonstrates this better than Weaver at the Loom’s I Was Searching and I Found.

I’m drawn to this EP for a couple reasons: 1) While it very much could be autobiographical, it’s extremely conceptual. From the very beginning the listener is catapulted into the story: there are unspecified “toxins”, which the protagonist is both anticipating and dreading, each song and song title correspond to that reality (i.e. “You Can’t Escape Them”, “You Can’t Evade Them”, etc.). Latent in this work is the theme of fear and finding the bravery to face whatever’s coming. But 2) I love the atmosphere and the ambiance this EP has. As a fan of bands like Hammock and Explosions in the Sky as well as Sleeping at Last and As Tall As Lions, ambient rock has been something I’ve wanted to dabble in for a while and this project gives me an anchor. It’s one of the few EPs I can listen to on repeat with no irritation whatsoever. And the way the way the voice matches the music is uncanny.

I Was Searching and I Found shows that a well-written EP demands you to justify the need for a full length while issuing the challenge as to whether you have the vision and sound that can sustain a listener for ten to fourteen songs.


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