Day Thirteen: “Brokenness Aside” – All Sons & Daughters

If Switchfoot’s Nothing is Sound reminds me of night, All Sons & Daughters’ Brokenness Aside reminds me of those mornings you wake up before everyone else for reasons unbeknownst to you, surrounded by the presence of God.

This isn’t your typical worship album. It’s folky and filled with delicate instrumentation. Due to the way Leslie Jordan and David Leonard’s voices work together, you might naturally want to compare them to The Civil Wars. But in a genre where all the music sounds the same and basically says the same thing, I can’t tell you how much I appreciate the originality of these songs. Whereas most worship music has sincere but cliché lyrics, these songs feel unique while remaining authentic. They’re not so caught up with innovation they loses sight of why they exist.There’s a way they go after God that’s just different from most worship music out currently and it’s desperately needed.

Although All Sons & Daughters eventually went on to release Season One, a combination of this EP and Reason to Sing, the reason why I focus specifically on the Brokenness Aside is because it’s how I first heard these six songs. In fact, I think it’s better this way. “Your Glory” is a perfect closer and whenever I hear it on Season One I feel resolved only to find I still have nine songs left. Brokenness Aside is humble yet powerful. It wastes no time. 

While I don’t write worship music or serve as a worship leader, I do want whatever creative project I do to be surrendered to God for His glory. I do want Him at the center of it. Musically, Brokenness Aside challenges me to do more than create a “sound” but to simulate a feeling, which I think is infinitely more challenging.


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