Day Eight: “Proper” – Into It. Over It.

This album snuck its way into my rotation. Every so often there are times when I’m itching to listen to something but can’t quite figure out what. All I know is there are artists I don’t want to hear. For a while I tried to have an album on standby, one I didn’t hate but didn’t like so strongly I’d get sick of it over time. For a while that was Into It. Over It.’s Proper but because I was in that state often, this album got played so frequently I grew to love it.

Evan’s guitar playing is passionate and his lyrics, when not bordering on sarcastic and angry, are introspective, which make for quite the combination. Sometimes you have to peal back the layers before really understanding the emotion behind the song.

Moreover, I’m constantly intrigued by his musical decisions. First, his songs are rarely ever in the same tunings and they’re never written in standard. Often his guitar is in some opening tuning, which he’ll adjust strings to fit his riff. Secondly, he’s not afraid of writing two-minute songs and calling it complete. Even if it means the listener wishing it was longer. Lastly, his musicianship is impeccable. Though he doesn’t consider himself a great guitarist, I’m enamored with the beauty and intricacy of his playing.

Lyrically, Evan has an uncanny ability to write veiled lyrics while maintaining brutal honesty. I often find myself unsure of what a song is about until I find a live video of him explaining it. He could literally write a song about anything and make it sound like more than what it is (52 Weeks is a good example of this).

Though I can’t say I’ve stolen his tunings, if there’s one place Into It. Over It. has most influenced me it’s been in the area of setting. More often than not Evan writes about where he’s physically at in the moment (look no further Twelve Towns or his split with Koji) and the memories associated with a particular place. Streets and cities become monuments of pivotal moments in his life. It’s challenged me to look at the places I’ve been more symbolically, which I think you can hear in the new music I’m writing whenever, if ever, it gets released.


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