Day One: “Nightmare of You” – Nightmare of You

With a name like “Nightmare of You” one would expect heavy-hitting breakdowns and malevolent lyrics delivered in harsh tones to come spewing from your stereo. But from the first notes of “The Days Go by Oh So Slow” the listener finds a surprise waiting for them: Nightmare of You is actually an indie-rock band from Long Island, New York.

There are certain bands you love so much you show them to all your friends so they can share in your joy. Then there are others you keep to yourself because you don’t want anyone to ruin them for you. Nightmare of You, for me, has always been a case of the latter.

Despite having been around since 2004 they’ve only released two full-length albums and a handful of EPs – their self-tilted debut being the one that’s resonated with me most.

While I’m sure the sound isn’t totally original, at the age of fifteen it was unlike anything I was listening to at the time: lightly distorted if not clean guitars, dancing bass lines, synths to taste, and a heaping helping of drums. Between their biting, witty lines and dramatic euphemisms, their lyrics remind me of The Smiths with a dash of Freud’s obsession for sex and violence. Brandon Reilly’s extraneous noises and unique delivery makes it all the better. As morbid and/or risqué as they may get, it rarely feels as vulgar as it sounds poetic (maybe it’s the British indie influence).

This album reeks of fearlessness and flair, which I both admire and am challenged by. While it may not appear in any obvious ways in my music, I often come back to this record for reference as to what makes a solid release. Ever since I first heard it, I’ve wanted to write an album just like it. Maybe one day it’ll happen.


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